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Breakdown of the 5sos Album

  • She Looks So Perfect: "You should wear my underwear more often ;) and also run away with me this town sucks"
  • Long Way Home: "whoops I ACCIDENTALLY got us lost let's make out and talk about life and politics"
  • Greenlight: "Let's bang but with ur consent of course"
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me: "More like 'fuck me fuck me' hahahahah XD"
  • Amnesia: "my name is calum and i made this song my bitch but in a sad way"
  • End Up Here: "I'm going to boost your confidence but in a punk way"
  • Everything I Didn't Say: "I'm sorry but in a pop punk way"
  • Beside You: "I miss you, but in a pop punk way"
  • Don't Stop: "You should be thinking about listening to this song at a party but all you're gonna think about is us in spandex"
  • Try Hard: "I pierced my lip for you, what more could you possibly want????"
  • Social Casualty: "Hey baby wanna go rebel against authority with me?"
  • Voodoo Doll: "This is our romantic, pop punk version of a restraining order"
  • Heartbreak Girl: "I dedicate this song to you and also the revamp of this song and maybe any other song that's about the friendzone idk"
  • Mrs. All American: "Hello Stacey's mom I am a nubile young man with lots of stamina and great arms *eyebrow waggle*"
  • Never Be: "Our melodious angst will make you wanna spray paint angsty doodles on buildings"


*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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